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Reviews from our clients
  • Amazing Service. My wife had an issue and we went in minutes before they closed and they stayed behind and dealt with it. We can't praise them enough
    Andy Melpous
  • Our daughter broke a tooth vertically on a holiday in Torrevieja. We went by Clinica Dental Family Bushin without an appointment and they extracted the tooth quickly, easy and at a low cost. Very recommendable.

    Lotte Rahbek-Slott

  • Lovely staff. Put me at ease and I hate going to the dentist. Would definitely recommend.

    Pippa Manley

  • I got an appointment with Dr. Egor Bushin. I don't even remember such a caring doctor. He examined me carefully and suggested treatment. We quickly agreed on everything, and he immediately began the process. His gentle hands did not cause any inconvenience, but nevertheless he calmed me down throughout the entire process, asked me to be patient, and was caring and attentive. Any movement I made, and he stopped, asked what was bothering me and how to ease my suffering. But there was no suffering! So attentively, calmly, quickly, my treatment was completed. Wonderful doctor! Only to him. I especially recommend it to those who have a fear of dentists - he will remove it in one visit! And the rest will enjoy the entire dental treatment process - yes, it happens!
    Anna Komissarova
  • My mother and I express our heartfelt gratitude to the professional team of the clinic: Dr. Pablo, secretary-consultant Elena, assistants Isabel and Valentina for the very high-quality medical care. We highly recommend that everyone contact the Bushin dental clinic in a timely manner.
    Liliana Joseph
  • I had an oral hygiene procedure the other day, amazing service! From the reception with a very polite and positive attitude to the procedure itself with a very careful approach! While the hygiene was being done, the dentist conducted a dialogue explaining each subsequent procedure, thereby making it very comfortable and calm - excellent communication! After hygiene, the teeth look gorgeous, they also gave diagnostics during the procedure. I'll definitely be back!
    Konstantins Nikolajevs
  • Very lovely receptionist. You always feel welcome and comfortable there. I highly recommend doctor Olga, she is such an artist on creating a filling, brilliant job, never can anyone spot that is any feeling in it, just looks like your tooth. Brilliant job. Very professional.
    Alla Suhorukova
  • Wonderful clinic! The girls at the reception are very polite and friendly! Service at the highest level! Doctors are high-level specialists, with a careful approach, they explain what and how! I am very glad that I turned to this clinic! And the prices are affordable! I recommend!
    Yulia Danilova
  • Good clinic: professional doctors and pleasant staff. I removed a tooth from them and put fillings on several more teeth, and was satisfied. I recommend.
    Sofia Biryukova
  • Very friendly girls at the reception, I would say the most friendly I have ever met. Dr. Olga is an excellent professional in her field. My son and I get our teeth treated by her. She makes such fillings that it is impossible to distinguish them from the original tooth, she is simply an artist-sculptor. A very attentive doctor, he notices what others don’t see. Thank you very much for your excellent work.
    Alla Suhorukova
  • I had a case of endodontics with a three-canal tooth that barely retained its structure. They did a truly masterful job on me, they cleaned the canals, filled them and made it so that I cannot distinguish this tooth from mine, as if there was no problem in the tooth. It is excellent! During the process, the doctor and assistant did everything very carefully. I am very pleased with the work done and do not regret that I turned to them, and will contact them again more than once. I recommend this clinic to everyone!!!
    Vlad Syv
  • The bridge on the upper jaw broke. It seemed to me that this was a complete disaster... Now I have implants and I feel great. My operation was complicated, but the doctors were very professional and everything went well. I recommend the clinics.
    Chayka Spanis
  • I visited this clinic the other day and had a tooth removed - I was pleased. The equipment is good, the staff is caring, the prices are reasonable.
    Oleg Alberstein
  • The best clinic! The Bushins are true professionals in their field! Always ready to help, solve complex dental problems, always friendly and hospitable! Muchas gracias!!
    Albina Kerimova
  • Wonderful approach to clients, good professionals! Great clinic. The doctors were able to find an approach even to a very difficult child who is afraid of dentists, and they were able to calm a crying child.
    Ivans Petriks
  • Thank you very much for healthy teeth. The team is very pleasant and attentive. Special thanks to Dr. Egor, he is a master of his craft. We will definitely visit this dentistry again.
    Yulia Sosnovskaya
Gratitude from clients
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