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При лёгких стадиях болезни, как правило, достаточно прописать полоскание
и противовоспалительные препараты, а более сложные случаи могут потребовать
и хирургического вмешательства. Будьте внимательны к себе! Не бойтесь прийти
к стоматологу и рассказать о своей проблеме.

Facial care

Eyelash extension and lamination

Eyelash lamination is a gentle way to get a curl into your eyelashes as well as to provide them with nutrition and moisturiser!

Lamination is applied after makeup (mascara, cream, foundation) is removed. An hour long procedure will make your eyes look stunning with truly gorgeous lashes!

It's not advisable to get laminated eyelashes wet during the first 24 hours after the procedure.

But after that you are free to do whatever you like, as if you were dealing with natural eyelashes: dye them, wash off the makeup, go for a swim, sleep with your face smashed into a pillow and so on.

Brow lamination

Natural eyebrows have not lost their popularity for many years! You don't have to think how to choose brows to attain naturalness. All you have to do is identify and emphasize the unique aspects of the brow shape and color. A classic option that suits almost every woman.

Brow lamination is a process of working the eyebrows with specific solution that thickens individual hairs and fixes them in a required position for a long time. The effect of the procedure lasts for a month or longer.


Micropigmentation, commonly referred to as permanent makeup, is an aesthetic cosmetic procedure that imitates makeup with tattoos.

Our cosmetologist will help you decide on the pigment and shape that will make you even more attractive. Colors for permanent makeup can be very different! Effect lasts for 1,5 year minimum.
Eyelash Extension
Eyelash Extension (correction)
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