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Examples of our work

The result of the placement of the implants and metal-ceramic crowns over the implants.
Request: change the way four front teeth look
Solution: Put EMAX veneers in
The procedures we carried out to achieve our results:
• teeth removal;
• bone grafting;
• placing of implants;
• placing of hybrid acrylic denture over implants.
The patient that came to our clinic after an unpleasant dental experience in another country: she did not like the shape of the teeth with the sensation of itching due to the materials used. The result in this in the photo, is not final! This is a temporary teeth mockup with a new design that the patient liked! After an agreement, we have started to elaborate the smile of your dreams!
Implants and a zirconium bridge with a screw were installed.
Veneers were installed on the top front teeth.
Six implants were installed at the lower and six at the upper jaw, as well as two zirconium bridges screwed onto the implants.
An operation was performed to remove teeth with cysts and a temporary prosthesis was placed on implants. Under anesthesia, 12 implants were placed: six on the upper teeth and six on the lower teeth. A few months later, zirconium crowns were installed.
The STRAUMANN implant was installed. A crown was then fabricated and placed on the Emax implant.
Veneers of the most natural color were installed.
Emax veneers and a crown on the implant were installed.
Veneers installed in the lightest color- bleach 1.
Wish: The patient suffered that from dental hypersensitivity, she was not happy with the color and shape of her teeth.
Solution: We put zirconium crowns with a whiter and more beautiful color.
Proceed with teeth removal; place implants & metal ceramic crowns in.
Here is the case of the Emax Crowns.
The material, lithium disilicate, has greater resistance and allows the color and texture of the natural tooth surface to be recreated with greater precision.
Patient suffering from intense iatrophobia and tomophobia (fear of doctors and medical procedures) came to our clinic. All surgical procedures were carried out with involvement of anaesthesiologists to stave away the patient's anxiety.

The results of our work with that patient:
  • Damaged teeth removed, dental implants set in instead;
  • Zirconia crowns set in;
  • Malocclusion treated by means of dental crowns.
Zirconium crowns were installed on Straumann implants with the help of a team of anesthesiologists.
A veneer was installed on the front tooth.
Veneers were installed.
Laser mole removal.
Laser removal of papillomas.
Eyelash lamination.
Sculptra is a collagen stimulator that helps to rebuild lost collagen through a series of treatments, restoring volume and a natural fullness to your face over time. You can see the results after only 2 sessions.
Eyelash lamination.
Eyelash lamination.
Keratin hair straightening.
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